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About Tradesignal GmbH

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Tradesignal GmbH HQ in Bremen, Germany

Tradesignal GmbH has been among the leading producers of software for international finance- and energy markets for many years. The core strength of the business lies in the development of software products enabling rule based trading strategies and technical chart analysis.

Tradesignal clients are active worldwide in trading establishments such as banks, energy concerns and trading houses. The business sells its product mainly in Europe and Asia.


Contact Details

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Tradesignal GmbH
Linzer Strasse 11
D-28359 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 20109-0
Fax: +49 421 20109-12


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How to find us

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We look forward to welcoming you!


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Business Advertising GmbH
Exclusive marketing of the Tradesignal Online website
Business Advertising

Castringius Rechtsanwälte
Consultation by one of the leading commercial law practices in Bremen
Castringius Rechtsanwälte

Interactive Brokers
Broker connection for Tradesignal Online Terminal
Interactive Brokers

TeleTrader Software GmbH
For Tradesignal Online and the trading application Tradesignal Online Terminal, we use data from TeleTrader.

We use ABCpdf.NET components for the conversion of HTML to PDF

Tradesignal Online

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Tradesignal Online - The interactive and browser-based charting portal for private users.

The german and english Tradesignal Online portal offers, alongside business news and a large community network, free comprehensive tools and a wide price range for interactive chart analysis. The simple programming language Equilla allows individual programming of own trading systems and the user can subscribe to cost effective services such as international real time stock markets at any time.

Sophisticated traders use the Tradesignal Online Terminal desktop application, that delivers inclusive real time push data and directly accesses order routing. The website operator is Tradesignal GmbH, one of the leading producers of software for the international financial and energy markets.

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