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30 Days Trial

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See for yourself and request your free test package from Tradesignal.  We provide advice and support throughout the entire test phase – even in your own office.

Please note: To use Tradesignal software, a professional data feed from Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, TeleTrader or Trayport must be available.

Please see our Data Protection Policy.

Trial anfordern
Data feed used at your workstation?DescriptionDatenfeed am Arbeitsplatz? *

You are a professional user if at least one of the following conditions applies:

You are a lending institution or finance service enterprise;

You are controlled by a local or foreign bank supervision, stock market supervision, security trade supervision or investment supervision;

You use the information for commercial purposes, as for example commercial security trade or the commercial management of foreign property or for an activity at a lending institution or finance service enterprise or another enterprise which is controlled by a local or foreign bank supervision, stock market supervision, security trade supervision or investment supervision;

You use the information in other manner for purposes of third party, as for example the payable management of foreign property or within the scope of a commercial investment club;

You distribute the information to third parties or third parties get access to the information.


Please, also note that you are absolutely not allowed as a professional user to use charts which were made with Tradesignal for commercial purposes. This applies in particular if you run a media service (for example, web page / forum / Blog etc.) or let run by third parties. In such a case according to provision §2.6 number 6 of the General Terms and Conditions our previous written approval is needed.



The evaluation process

  1. After you have filled in and sent us the contact form, one of our  experienced sales staff will get in touch with you.
  2. He will clarify all unanswered questions and technical prerequisites for your trial for.
  3. Depending on conditions and according to your wishes, the sales member will demonstrate the advantages of Tradesignal on location or via the web.
  4. You will then receive the evaluation documents from the Tradesignal support team and the download link for the software by email, and you will be able to review the documents at your leisure.
  5. After your consent, you or your administrator can carry out the installation.  Our support team and experienced sales staff are available to assist you throughout the entire installation and test phase.
  6. After successful installation, you will receive a short introduction to the software, either on location or via the web.
  7. The test phase ends four weeks after the evaluation documents are sent, without incurring extra costs.



Tradesignal for universities

Are you a teacher in a university or an educational institution and interested in technical analysis and our software Tradesignal?

Then please leave a notice with your trial request in the message field and we will inform you about our special offer for universities and colleges.

Product Brochure

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Product brochure Tradesignal

Need more information?

Together with information about Tradesignal in the Tradesignal product brochure, you will find practical examples using a range of available tools, indicators and trading strategies.

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